Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas - Welcome To My Super Blog - Happy New Year!

Welcome dear friends to Rob Lattin Music's SUPER BLOG.
Rob Lattin's Super Blog

First of all, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I have tried to do something that few are doing. I've created a super blog. This super blog is like a website with many pages and links but not static - or a boring - as a standard website. Each page has a different cursor and some special ".gif magic" there. Each page has its own theme which is related to my particular types of music or information.

Obviously, this blog has links to my Facebook pages and Twitter pages. Also linked is my account to Revebnation and Soundcloud. I will be connected with other types of music sites for promoting or merchandising my music as well. In addition, I can connect you to my Hub Pages (haven't been on there for a while) and eventually Google Music.

This page is sort of a landing page but not really - I call it my main page and soon will be adding a table of contents to link you to songs, videos, lyrics and pictures I have and in some instances, links to others as well. I have a lot of musician friends who need promotion and I am willing to help them out.

One of my older pages is Now Whatcha Playin? which generally talks about what others have done and my opinions about them. Many times the blog post will just be about a particular group and I'll share a You Tube video. On that page I list which bands or musicians I wrote about.

On my main page, tabs are specific to my own recordings and compositions: Sonic Dimension - standard or not-so standard rock/prog rock/classic rock; God Rules and Other Songs - hard rock and acoustic music related to religion named after a song I recorded soon to be released; Mad Experiment - original compositions which are more pop but not suitable for radio airplay because regular radio stations won't play music of anyone over 25; Fantom Phactory - horror and monster movie theme music. There's also a tab for you to buy other folks music. You can also buy mine at Reverbnation and some T shirts I had made up.

I hoping soon to reprint some of my old cartoons I used to draw for the Illinois Entertainer and the Indiana Beat back in the 80's when I used to be a punk rocker. (Yes, I used to be a semi-professional cartoonist and artist.) I'd like to put this stuff on the Super Blog and also include some old music I recorded in 2009.

Well, this is my Super Blog and I expect it to grow and if you feel you deserve a tab on it, drop me a line and we'll discuss it. Bigger is better and I've learned that the more I give the more my life is enriched.

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