Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Samplers and Song Posted

Hi Everybody! I just uploaded 2 samplers: "Uncle Monkey" for the lighter side of music (Novelty instrumental) and "My King" a heavy song with horns and a fusion of rock jazz and blues, along with my acoustic guitar. This is a vocal song but edited for the sampler. Also, I uploaded the full version of El Destructo Mundo. An abridged version was available for it back in 2009-10 through Tune Core, this is the complete song which opens with missiles firing and explosion. The song shows that if we blow up the world, somehow we will survive a la Twilight Zone. Mixture of metal and jazz - I love to blend styles together. My King is on the God Rules page and Uncle Monkey and El Destructo Mundo are on the Mad Experiment page.

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