Hey Everybody!

If Fred March can turn green, so can I!
Did you know you can use some of my existing tunes for licensing? That's right! You can use my tunes for your multi-media projects, films and videos, narrations, and even commercials.

And you know WHAT?!

You can get a license even just a portion of a song - a guitar or organ solo - a track without my crazy singing.
I can even do a narration or voice over for you! I can even create clips similar to a particular song.

Oh my gosh I can even create a brand new spanking track just for you and you get the copyright (with me getting permissions, of course.) Talk about flexibility!

I have a whole library of songs, partial songs, tracks and lyrics. I can also collaborate with your professional inhouse composers and lyricists. I will work with anyone except Sinead O'Connor or Kanye West.

I do have the right to reject any work project that goes against my beliefs or cannot fit my schedule so contact me to find out. here's my email:

I don't do rap or country music or classical music - I am just not that talented. And if you want me to fly to your studio to record something new and fresh - hey you pay the travel and I will be there (anywhere in the US and Puerto Rico).

Check this out!

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