Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hot Off The Presses - Interview with Fireworks Magazine and CD Review

Finally my interview with Fireworks Magazine is published!
You can read page 10 of issue 73 here: Rob Lattin Interview.

Here's shot of it with some comments from moi . . . .

And if it's too hard to read here, here is the text:

From Iowa, USA we find amazing solo artist ROB LATTIN who has a new CD out now called 'Fire Of Love' that will please fans of powerful passionate guitar drenched catchy melodic hard rock. The band are Robert Lattin, vocals, guitars, keys and Ann Lattin who handles the vocals on 'Fire of Love'.  Robert Lattin always loved music starting with the Beatles and Elvis. One day on an oldies station Robert heard 'Journey to the Center of the Mind' by the Amboy Dukes and that's when he bought his first guitar. Then Robert met and saw Rory Gallagher play in Chicago and he started a pseudo-punk band, of all things. "I changed direction and have been making and recording music ever since," he tells me.
As you may have guessed amongst Robert's influences include Ted Nugent as well as Jim McCarty of Cactus, Rory Gallagher, Jimmy Page who are his guitar inspirations. From a song writing angle Robert owes his inspiration to Mark Lindsay. "I'd like to give some credit to Steve Farmer of the Amboy Dukes who had tons of material and finally made a solo record. That's when I said that I can do that," he smiles.
Right now Robert is putting together a new band since he left Detroit. Ann Lattin Robert's wife does lead vocals on the title track. "I think my sound is a bit different because I like to add jungle sounds or space themes or light humour to my songs," he explains to me. Robert tries not to use a standard pop formula and like to try different key changes. "I also love making horror music and even religious songs. I do lots of instrumentals. I love variety. Actually, I strive to be different."
The new album 'Fire Of Love' was in the works for many years and Robert wasn't quite sure which songs to put on. He wanted to have a somewhat harder rock sound so Robert eliminated a lot of songs that were more jazz or blues or theme music. The title track 'Fire of Love', with its jungle drum opening called 'the Fire Dance' made that song pretty long. "It was edited but I decided to keep all the extra material I originally recorded. It's over nine minutes long, the lead guitar is improvised, and so the album inherits the name," he adds.
Some early tracks from the record were recorded in Chicago. Half of the stuff was recorded at Robert's studio in Detroit. Two songs were recorded this year in Rock Island Illinois. "I am the producer. From start to finish, since I have a couple older tracks, this record took four years."   Robert in the meantime has other recording projects on the horizon. "I am wrapping up but not all will be under my own name. I'm looking for an additional singer and a good backup band so we can start hitting the road."
As an album, 'Fire Of Love' is a superb and very diverse melodic hard rock record that is consistent and flows with fabulous guitar work, vocals and songs that pull the listener in, almost hypnotic. Robert Lattin is an artist to keep your eye on.

Humor is my downfall.
That's right, "an artist to keep your eye on."


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