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FREE Download - Cortez Remix (with Spanish Translation)

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Cortés derrota a Molloch, 
el Demonio 
Spanish Translation for 
"Cortez  the Remix"– 
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"Cortés derrota a Molloch,
 el Demonio"

As you may already know, my song Cortez, originally recorded in 2014 on the CD Baby album “Fire of Love”, has been remixed and remastered. My reasons for this are explained here: (Songs About Mexico).

What I also wanted to do was to not deprive the Spanish people a song about their history in which the story/song is not in their native tongue. So I added a Spanish voice over translating the lyrics of the song.

I’ve also made a simple video which has the Spanish subtitles so they can read it. I had a another Spanish translation prior to this but it failed to do justice to the artistic language of the lyrics. Sometimes Google Translate does not work that well.

At Songs About I mention that the big picture of the song is that it is about Good versus Evil. And it is. However, it also reveals that it was God who was in total control of stopping the slaughter and in reality He was using Cortes to stop the bloodshed of the innocent people and introduce a new way of life. 

God defeats the demon but we also give credit to Cortes for his cooperation and give appreciation to those Aztecs who joined the way of life and fought with him.

This was the start of really how Christ brought the people to himself. Obviously, the solidifying moment of the people becoming a people of life and not death occurred later when Juan Diego presented his tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Alas, that is another story (true and miraculous.) There must be something very special about Mexico to warrant having a holy Apparition and deposit a scared image to wonder which has survived over 500 years or so.

Anyway, above is the Spanish narration with music video.


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