Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Frank Sinatra, Suzy, Joe and Mark Farner Christmas Gifts


Moe Larry and Shemp
Wish You a Merry Christmas
(Curly took the picture.)
I must say that Christmas music is one of my favorite music genres. I love choirs and Transiberian Orchestra, the Morman Tabernacle Choir, Mannheim Steamroller. I love all the sacred music at Church and some of the stupid sappy songs played on the radio.

I love Christmas music so much that I even recorded my own original stuff. Some of my instrumentals won't be available until next year so what I've been sharing on my other pages and on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud were two of my vocal works - one an original recording done in 96 and a new one I recorded last month. Go to the left and under FREE downloads clock on the song titles to hear the music.

I also wanted to take this opportunity  to share some music I loved growing up, some music I discovered and some music that's relatively recent (for Christmas genres, that is).

One of my favorite singers is Frank Sinatra. Along with Bing Crosby and Steve Lawrence, no one has a corner on having the best voice of all time. Well, everyone heard of "Jingle Bells". I'm sure you even heard Ole Blue Eyes singing this timeless classic BUT I bet you hardly ever heard this 50's version:

Growing up in a little town called Chicago, I sang along to this unique song:

Another song we used to listen to and have fun singing is this one (. . .and Joe!)

And then there's Mark Farner!

And then for the first time yesterday I heard the following tune from Sheryl Crow and Eric "Slowhand" Clapton.

I love Paul Revere and the Raiders and you know what? They did a Christmas album - but not your typical one. Here's a song for novelty purposes only.

Here's a fun song from the fun group - the Beach Boys

I hope you like these songs! Save this blog so you can come back next year and listen to them!


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