Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Great News! "God Rules" Adding New Songs

News for you guys!

Finished creating my Reverbnation Page for my religious Rock and Roll that is to be featured on my page "God Rules and Other Songs".

Driven . . . I'm Driven
On the playlist on Reverbnation is an oldie of mine "Monuments" with new remixes and a completely newly recorded solo centerpiece.  Like psychedlica, man! Far Out, but listen to the lyrics. Check out the ending of woeful singers!

Also added the song "Voices and Visions" which is more recent. The guitar is a bit influenced by Cactus but beyond that it is all Rob Lattin. How do you like the ethereal whispering in the song? If you want to now more about the lyrics, drop me a line.

I've added at my Reverb Store, in addition to these two songs the song "I Am A Sinner" and "Closer To God." With I Am A Sinner, I originally had the vocal idea from a Pink Floyd song that transformed into something completely different and with the adding of Creedence Clearwater Revival style guitar playing. The song sounds nothing like Pink Floyd or CCR. Maybe you can see some of my influences from Mark Lindsay  (Paul Revere & the Raiders) and Rusty Day (Amboy Dukes).

Closer to God is an older song which was actually influenced by a sermon (Homily) given by a firey young priest in Chicago back in the 80's. Originally title "Bones A Shaken" which was to be my second CD, until my computer died and destroyed all my artwork, I re-titled the song to Closer To God. This is the remix of the original which was recorded around 2001 and got great reviews from my test audience. The song, which was mostly acoustic now has a Cuban flavor which is what I intended it to be - not a doom and gloom song but a song of hope and joy and awe.

I've added a link to my Reverbnation store at the side panel. So you can enjoy listening to these songs, either on God Rules page or at Reverbnation.

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